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Dating Success After 40


What I didn’t find out until later was I had been in that spot for two months, having been transferred after suffering what I thought were persistent low-grade nausea symptoms.
Ana Williams


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Not only does Dating Success After 40 address the specific needs of daters over 40, but their team of experts provide invaluable advice from where and how to meet people, but how to move forward or back away politely from a potential match. Simply brilliant writing on this incredibly important subject.

Pete Sims

As Michaels and Wood state in the book, Dating Success After 40, early on – they are here to help. This is the most objective, no hold bar book on dating I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

Susie Johnson

Although the book is geared to a more mature audience or reader, I’d advise people of all ages to pick up Dating Success After 40 and give all chapters consideration. Kudos to Michaels and Wood for responding to the needs of all people who want to find love in the new world.

Dr. Lars Anderson

Nowhere have I ever read such a comprehensive book about the highs and lows and ups and downs of dating as a “mature” individual. A must read for those who are looking for love after 40.

Julie Morris

Wish I had received this advice long ago. Michaels and Wood have captured the true “grit” and “gala” of dating later in life. If you’re even thinking about getting back in the dating game, pick up Dating Success After 40 today!

Diane D

If you’ve recently found yourself suddenly single post-divorce and need help navigating the dating scene – Dating Success After 40 is a MUST read.

Tim Harrigan

The dynamic duo of Nancy Michaels and Neil Wood proves that two heads are better than one. Their collective insights about how dating after 40 is like marketing and sales is a total winner.

Lynn Bonjour

From applying marketing and sales strategies to the dating – to covering topics related to safe sex and identity protection, Dating Success After 40 provides the key things you need to know to date safely and successfully in the 21st century.

Hannah Joy

Dating SuccessAfter 40 is a must read for anyone who’s looking for love at mid-life or above.

Dan Stone

Michaels and Wood have cracked the code to dating success after 40. The insights they share and the passion and perspective they have for the topic is transparent and so critical when navigating the on- and off-line wide world of dating.

Mary Litton