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Dating Success After 40

About the Authors

Neil Wood

Neil Wood is the President and Chief Eternal Optimist at Neil Wood Consulting. He travels throughout the United States and North America as a keynote speaker sharing his expertise on how to be more successful in sales, go beyond your comfort zones, live a more fulfilling and balanced life and how to be more positive, productive and confident.

Nancy Michaels

During the past 20 years, Nancy Michaels has developed consulting and coaching programs to create unique marketing and sales propositions for satisfied clients such as Office Depot, Walmart, UPS, Xerox, Wells Fargo, HP and many others. As CEO of her business, Grow Your Business Network, she created a process to attract and retain valuable customers, focusing on brand loyalty and the generation of new clientele to ignite quick results...

Why Dating Success after 40?

Congratulations on picking up Dating Success Over 40 and embarking on an amazing journey of self-discovery and love. It takes courage and bravery to put yourself out there in the big wide world of online dating – especially at mid-life and beyond. We get it! We get you!

Here’s some great news for you to think about. Today, there are 100 million single adults in the USA today, according to the US Bureau of Statistics. That’s right, so hold off on your myriad of excuses about how few people are really available. The truth is there is a plethora of single people waiting for you to meet them, and many of them are probably in your back yard.

The fact that you’ve picked up this book and have started reading is a great sign that you are ready to start down the road of dating once again. We want to help you every step of the way.

We know you’re afraid. We get it. We feel your pain. We both have experienced the highs and lows of long-term marriages (18+ years) and understand the heartbreak of a relationship breakup. We also understand that it’s a process of “getting out there” in the dating scene possibly after decades – as was our situation – and it can be daunting. more...